Ragley Hall, Warwickshire is the family home of the 9th Marquess and Marchioness of Hertford and has been the seat of the Conway family since 1680.

Lambs at Ragley Hall

Today, the Ragley Estate covers an area of 6,500 acres and is divided into five main business areas:

Ragley Hall, Park & Gardens – 400 acres A popular visitor attraction from Easter until the end of October and throughout the year as an events venue. It also offers private group tours and has two ‘forest school’ sites utilised by local schools.

Ragley Home Farm – 3,500 acres Growing wheat and oilseed rape alongside sheep and cattle rearing

Ragley Estate Meats Butchery and sale of meat and prepared foods

Ragley Woodlands and Sawmill –1,000 acres Forestry management and sawmill with sales to the public

Ragley Property Management & Maintenance Rental properties and maintenance of Ragley Estate property

The Estate is a popular local employer, with more than 100 employees in full-time, part-time and seasonal roles. Ragley also prides itself on supporting other local businesses and takes a vested interest in local community matters.

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