More and more organisations are recognising the value of having a defined corporate social responsibility strategy for the whole business identify with and delivery upon. Great reputations are built upon what you do rather than what you say. Whether you fall into this category and are already implementing a strategy or you have limited awareness but sufficient interest in commencing your journey, the UK CSR and Sustainability Showcase is an absolute must for you to attend.

If you are responsible for HR, Marketing, Health, Safety and the Environment, or the Supply Chain, or you have complete responsibility for CSR within your business, then you will find that all of these areas will be addressed during this day long event.

This event brings together both seasoned and new practitioners to share, network, learn and exhibit. As well as an eclectic mix of talks and interactive workshop style sessions, you will benefit from a complementary exhibition, networking opportunities and a vibrant Q & A panel. Registration for this is just £199 + VAT for the day and includes entrance, refreshments, lunch as well as a set of conference proceedings which will be provided afterwards. We hope that this national event will provide an enduring forum that we can evolve together to create a supportive arena to discuss CSR and watch it flourish in the coming years.

The event is organised by an energetic and enthusiastic duo, Annette Gann at http://www.camden360communications.co.uk/ and Carole Longden at http://longden.co.uk/. We look forward to meeting you at the event.

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